Drug Use & Abuse in Maryland

Substance abuse issues affect many individuals throughout Maryland. These issues affect people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, but it isn’t only the person engaging in substance use and abuse that is affected. Those around the addict are also affected in tremendous ways. Do not assume that drug use is ever okay; it is a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. It is safe to say that substance abuse in maryland is a major problem for far more people than it should be.

Drug of Choice

Individuals classified as addicts in Maryland usually choose heroin or methamphetamines as their drug of choice. Each of these drugs is addictive after just one use, as it is deadly with just one use. Those who find themselves addicted to these substances oftentimes find that it affects their lives in so many ways. Addicts lose their jobs, cars, homes, and friends, and family in the wake of their addiction, yet it is so powerful, getting another hit is all that matters to the addict.

These drugs are only a handful of those being abused by people in Maryland. Prescription drug abuse is another growing problem throughout the state. Pain relievers are the preferred prescription drug of choice for those engaging in illegal use of drugs and medications. Other drugs are also out there that are just as big of a concern and that cause addictions.

Help for Substance Abuse Issues

substance abuse in maryland

Those who are addicted to illicit substances must decide that they want to change. When they make this decision, rehabilitation services are there to see them through the difficult journey of recovery. Both inpatient and outpatient rehab services provide treatment to those who are battling substance abuse problems. It is recommended that in-patient care be initiated for most addicts. Removal from the situation is oftentimes a key component of breaking an addiction to drugs.